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Huge Excitement for Achill's first two World Qualifiers!

Achill’s Two world qualifiers

Huge excitement on Saturday last as we received results from the online Loch Ness feis. First cousins Aisling and Kayla Connaughan both became world qualifiers. We opened in Achill by invitation a few years ago, both girls came along on the first day and have been dancing away since. The class has exceled with children from the area climbing the dancing ladder steadily. Dancers from the Achill Irish dancing class initially started with our annual class feis, moved on to local competitions, regional competitions, and All Ireland’s and now Achill has it’s first two solo dancers qualified for the World championships. Currently, with covid 19 restrictions the dancers have preserved with online zoom classes and now outdoor Irish dancing class while we await the lifting of further restrictions which will allow us to return indoors to our regular Irish dance lessons.

Aisling and Kayla will also be part of team dancing from the area which will also go forward to the worlds when life after covid returns. We are certain there will be more solo dancers qualifying for this prestigious event from the area in the months ahead. Hard work and dedication really does pay off!

Congratulations Girls! World Championships here we come!

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