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Irish Dance class - Weather permitting!

Irish dancers everywhere are now watching the daily weather forecast with great interest. Why would an Irish dancer be interested in the weather I can hear you all ask? The life of an Irish dancer has changed significantly like everyone else during the pandemic. Dancers everywhere have continued to engage with their sport on various online platforms since March 2020. Zoom a word no Irish dancer would have used previously, for months was on the tip of their tongue along with how's the wifi? Waiting patiently to get logged on to their evening class, hoping the connection would hold, praying they wouldn't give their session frozen in a particular move!

April 26th arrived a new adventure for our committed Irish dancers! Following the lifting of some covid restrictions dancers could have outdoor classes in pods of 15. Such Joy! The excitement! Teachers fussing everywhere to secure a proper outdoor venue, dancers and parents waiting anxiously to know if they could have some form of in person classes and yes we are off! Venues secured, text messages, emails, what app messages flying! Outdoor training can recommence! And yes you've guessed it - the weather! The good old Irish weather on the wild atlantic way! Dancers here on the west coast have the most stunning outdoor venues, beautiful backgrounds, scenic views but what? The weather! And so, Every west of Ireland dancer, teacher & parents are now glued to the weather forecast - is it dry? is it raining in the morning? It might be dry by evening and so the dancers wait anxiously every day for news! The famous text message "Weather permitting Irish dancing will go ahead as planned this evening"!

Irish dancers everywhere now have a new prayer, they can be heard humming their favourite tunes, whistling away and all the time wishing like the farmers " please let the sun shine!"

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