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Happy Feet Dance & Exercise Classes in Mayo

Happy Feet Dance Exercise Class in Mayo

A new & exciting dance and exercise program which focused on developing strong gross motor skills including balance, coordination, and muscle tone in pre school and young children. Children will be encouraged to:

  • Learn through play

  • Social interact with their peers

  • Develop a love of music, song & dance

Through the “Happy Feet” program children will benefit in many areas including:

  • Self confidence

  • Independence

  • Improve Balance & co-ordination skills

  • Muscle tone & strength 

A journey of self-development in a safe & fun environment for all to enjoy!

The program will be carried out in a fun and social atmosphere! 
On completion of the 8-week program which will be available to all preschools, all children will receive a certificate. They children are then welcomed to continue to step 2, a basic introduction to Irish dance.

Where will this program take place?
Preschools are encouraged to contact us directly and discuss including this unique program in their curriculum on a weekly basis.
Parent & toddler groups
As a private group in a dance location

How do we join the program?
Please fill in the form below for more information.

Happy Feet Enquiry Form

To register your interest, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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