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Swap & Sell - Feis Ready!

We are delighted to say now with the gradual return and reopening to Irish dance classes we have decided here at Moffatt school of Irish dancing to arrange a "swap & sell day" for all things Irish dance. Everyone has outgrown so many things including their dance shoes, costumes & tracksuits. With the help of some dancing Mummies we are having our post covid "Bring & Buy event" in the Civic center, Crossmolina on Saturday October 2nd 2021 from 11.00am.

All items for sale are currently been collected in class throughout the coming week. We ask that you clearly label all items and use the emailed pricelist as a guideline for pricing your items for sale.

The idea behind the event is to get all our dancers ready for the upcoming dancing season beginning with our class feis on October 17th 2021.

Our beginner outfits of pink polo shirts & white skirts for girls will be on offer along with our class costumes. Some solos costumes will also be up for resale. Our Boys will also be catered for with black shirts, dance trousers and some class waistcoats available. All items have been reasonably priced.

We will have a wide selection of dance shoes, lights, heavies, dance trainers of all sizes. Any items not sold on the day will be returned to the seller. We are encouraging all our dancers of avail of this day to get togged out and ready for both your classes and any events you may wish to take part in going forward. More details in class during the week.

Thank you to the dancing Mummies who have come on board to help with this event. Your help is greatly appreciated by all of us. We look forward to an exciting day of shoe & costume fitting! Please note - no items can be held, all items will be sold on a first come first served basis, fitting of clothes and shoes will be allowed and we ask all dancing families attending to be aware and mindful of all covid guidelines when attending this event. For more information check with Sheila either in class or on 0879364504.

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